Meet The Doge
OwnTheDoge presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Japan and meet the actual Doge
you with doge
Are you a fan of the internet sensation, Doge? Do you want to meet the adorable doge in person and click a selfie with her? Well, you're in luck! OwnTheDoge presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a trip to Japan and meet the actual Doge.
This five day trip to Japan is not just about meeting the Doge. You'll get to experience the culture, food, and entertainment of Japan while exploring the beautiful and serene land. You'll be staying at the iconic Godzilla Hotel in Shinjuku (Hotel Gracery), and the itinerary includes a bespoke tour of Tokyo, a trip to the Hachiko statue, karaoke, sake, and other much WOW activities like go-karting through the city streets. Plus you'll get some never-before-seen OwnTheDoge merch AND you'll rub shoulders with meme legend and our honorary guest, Bad Luck Brian!
you with doge
Of course the main event will be a day in Sakura with Kabosu the Doge and her hooman, Atsuko Sato. You can walk the Doge, pet the Doge, take photos with the Doge, and see the site where Kabosu's Bronze Statue will be erected. Never before have Doge fans been able to get up close and personal with the world's favourite Shiba.
The Doge pilgrimage will begin on May 3rd and end on May 8th, and all you need to bring is your love for Doge, flight tickets, a passport, and $4,200. The $4,200 ticket to this Pilgrimage is an all-inclusive package for everything you'll on the ground in Japan. In legal terms, it would include hotel, meals, translator, in-town transit and entry/ reservations in places that will be mentioned in the itinerary. A part of this amount will also go towards sponsoring a community member's trip to meet the doge, the criteria for whose selection shall be soon disclosed! *Non-transferable, the ticket has no value*
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